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Dress Code

City Club Grill & Bar

Members' Only Dining

List of Rules
  • Casual

Fitness Center

Fitness Center Dress Code

List of Rules
  • Proper Workout Clothing Required including Shirt and Shoes
  • Swimwear Required in All Wet Areas
  • Thong Leotards and Jean Shorts are not Permitted
  • Black Sole Shoes Prohibited in Aerobics Room

Tennis Courts

Tennis Court Dress Code

List of Rules
  • Swim Attire, Running Shoes, Hard Sole Shoes, and Muscle Shirts are Prohibited
  • Proper Tennis Attire Strictly Enforced
  • No Cut-offs or Jeans


Riverspa Dress Code

List of Rules
  • Shirts, Bottoms, and Shoes Required


Swimming Pool Area Dress Code

List of Rules
  • Shirt and Shoes must be worn in the Building at all times.
  • Non-potty trained children must wear swim diapers while in the pool.
  • Nudity Strictly Prohibited
  • Towels Not Provided